La revue


Revue n° 4

Y. Vialette, Ch. Pin, P. Tempier
U/Pb zircon study of Saint-Alyre-ès-Montagne orthogneiss
Denis Marquer, Jean-Louis Feybesse, Denis Gapais, Pascal Balé, Claude Lecorre, Renaud Maggion, Jacques Charvet, Michel Faure et Jean-Pierre Burg
Strain and strectching lineation variabillty under a major variscan thrust: the S aint-Alyre-es-Montagne orthogneiss example (Cézallier Chassolle G.P.F. drill hale)
Pierre Barbey et Michel Cuney
Partial melting conditions in the Saint-Alyre orthogneiss (Cézallier)
A. Straub
Geophysical logging in Chassole boreholes
Philippe Loiseau
Relations between fluid circulatlon and the aperture of fracture
Jean-Louis Feybesse, avec la collaboration de Marc Lespinasse
Structural control of underground flows in the Cezallier geothermal system (French Massif central)
M.-P. Turpault, A.-M. Fouillac, M. Cathelineau, M. Lespinasse, A. Meunier, J.-L. Feybesse et J. Leroy
Recent and ancient hydrothermal circulations in Cezallier: data of solid and fluid phases and stable isotopes
T. Collet et C. Drogue
Barometric effect on the water-levels of the boreholes at Chassolle
G. Vasseur, G. Bienfait, M. Cuney, R. Gable, J. Jolivet, F. Lucazeau
Interpretation of temperature and thermal conductivity measurements in the Chassole borehole (Cezallier
F.O. Vuataz, A.M. Fouillac, C. Fouillac, G. Michard et M. Brach
Isotopic study and geochemical monitoring of waters from the boreholes of Chassoles and from selected mineral springs in the Cezallier area