La revue


Revue n° 3

D. Lahondère, C. Guerrot
Sm-Nd dating of Alpine eclogitic metamorphism in Corsica: evidence for Late Cretaceous subduction beneath the Corsican-Sardinian block
M. Durand-Delga, R. Montigny, P. Rossi
Namurian age of the Termes lamprophyre (Mouthoumet Massif, Aude): its place in the Variscan of the Pyrenees
G. Bignot, F. Quesnel, C. Bourdillon
The end Cretaceous and basal Paleocene in northwest Europe
J. Gaudant
A new species of the genus Palaeocarassius Obrhelová in the lacustrine Upper Miocene of Alissas (Ardèche) (France)
M. Garcin et al
The Marchésieux Pliocene "Long Sequence" (Manche). Analytical results and first elements of the interpretation

Revue n° 4

C. Lezin, R. Cubaynes, P. Fauré, T. Pélissié, J. Rey
The Upper Toarcian-Aalenian in the Villefranche-de-Rouergue area (southwest France). Biostratigraphy and sedimentary evolution
F. Amédro, F.Robaszynski
The Aptian-Albian at Wissant and the Sangatte Channel-tunnel site (France): new data on the Early Cretaceous transgression in the North of the Paris Basin
K. Sztràkos, J.P. Gély, A. Blondeau, G. Müller
Paleocene and Ilerdian (p.p.) of the South Aquitaine Basin: lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy
M. Isambert, H. Bourennane, A. Couturier, D. King, M. Jamagne
Analysis of soil distribution according to slope orientation in the 'Vexin français' region, France
C. Cavelier, G. Friès, J.L. Lagarigue, J.P. Capdeville
Early Cenozoic prograding sedimentation in southern Aquitaine: a model


Revue n° 1

P. Moreau
Analysis of the Cenomanian transgression over the north-western border of the Aquitaine Basin
C. Gaillard, F. Atrops, D. Marchand, M. Hanzo, B. Lathuilière, Y. Bodeur, C. Ruget, J.-P. Nicollin, W. Werner
Preliminary stratigraphic description of the Middle Oxfordian limestone-marl alternations in the Dauphinois Basin. (Southeastern France)
J. Charollais, E. Davaud, M. Jamet
Evolution of the southeastern Jura-platform margin between the upper Jurassic and the Oligocene: new data from three oit wetts
P. Guardia, J.P. lvaldi, M. Dubar, Y. Guglielmi, J.L. Perez
Lineament palaeotectonism and active tectonism of the French-ltalian Maritime Alps: a synthesis.
M. Gidon, C. Kerckhove, A. Michard, P. Tricart
The Aiguille de Chambeyron sheet (n° 872 of the 1/5O 0OO-scale Geological Map of France). lntroductory Note.

Revue n° 2

L.D. Meckell III, M. Ford, D. Bernoulli
Tectonic and sedimentary evolution of the Dévoluy Basin, a remnant of the Tertiary western Alpine foreland basin, SE France
H. Gauthier, M. Rioult, M. Trévisan
Biostratigraphical distribution of the ammonites in the "Oolithe ferrugineuse de Bayeux" Formation (Bajocian) at Feuguerolles-sur-Orne (Calvados, France). New data for a revision of the Garantianinae
J.L. Meloux, J.A. Remy, J. Sudre, M. Turland, M. Vianey-Liaud
Discovery of a mammalian fauna with Palaeotherium and Anoplotherium in the Tertiary Domérat basin (Allier)
J. Le Lœuff, E. Buffetaut, C. Merser
Discovery of a Tithonian sauropod dinosaur in Charente (Western France)
R. Damotte, M. Durand, F. Lethiers
Discovery of an ostracod fauna from the Albé Formation (Lowermost Permian, Vosges)

Revue n° 3

Y. Samson, G. Lepage, P. Hantzpergue, J. Guyader, M. Saint-Germès, F. Baudin, G. Bignot
Lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic revision of the Kimmeridgian in the Le Havre area (Normandy, France)
M. Saint-Germès, F. Baudin, J.-F. Deconinck, P. Hantzpergue, Y. Samson
Sedimentology of organic matter and day mineralogy in the Kimmeridgian of Normandy (Le Havre area)
B. Cahuzac, A. Poignant
Benthic foraminifera and microproblematida from the Serravallian of the Aquitaine Basin (SW France)
R.P. Carriol
Cirripedes of the North-West of France: palaeobiological indicators in the Neogene of the Atlantic realm
V. James, J. Canerot, J.J. Biteau
New data on the Atlantic rifting stage in the western Pyrenees during the Kimmeridgian: the Ouzous slump (Hautes-Pyrénées

Revue n° 4

D. Thiéblemont, E. Egal, J. Chantraine
Reappraisal of the Cadomian volcanism of eastern Tregor (North brittany)
T. Pélissié, J.G. Astruc
Synsedimentary tectonism and evaporite dissolution in the Middle and Upper Jurassic sediments of the "Causses du Quercy"
J.P. Platel
Stratigraphy, sedimentology and geodynamic evolution of the Late Cretaceous carbonate plattorm on the northern margin of the Aquitaine basin
M.T. Antunes, P. Legoinha, A. Nascimento, J. Pais
The evolution of the Lower Tagus basin (Lisbon and Setubal Peninsula, Portugal) from Lower to early Middle Miocene
A. Dupis, G. Bossuet, A. Choquier, P. De Luca, J.-J. Macaire
The contribution of applied geophysical electrical methods to sedimentary budgets: example of the Chambon lake basin (Puy-de-Dôme, France)