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Revue n° 2

P. Andreieff, D. Westercamp, F. Garrabé, J.R. Bonneton, J. Dagain
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D. Jacques, R.C. Maury
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A. Grzesczyk, M. Monzier, C. Lefèvre, J. Butterlin, J. Dupont, J.-P. Eissen, G. Glaçon, P. Maillet, C. Muller
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J.P. Rançon, P. Rocher, T. Auge, P. Nativel
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Revue n° 4

J.-L. Vigneresse
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L. Chauris
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Revue n° 1

Jean LE GALL, Jean-Alix BARRAT
Petrology of tardi-Cadomian magmatism in the North Armorican Domain as exemplified by the basic and ultrabasic complexes of Ernée and Trégomar
C. Castaing, J. Rolet, P. Chevremont, J.Y. Le Calvez, P. Thonon
The Huelgoat region (central Finistère) in the frame of Armorican geodynamic evolution
Arlette Moreau-Benoit, Marcel Dubreuil
Palynoplancton evidence of Silurian and first record of lower Devonian in the schists and sandstones of the eastern edge of the Ancenis basin (south-eastern Armorican Massif)
Mineralogical composition and origin of beach placers in four Morbihan islands
D. Thiéblemont, B. Cabanis, J. Le Métour
Geochemical study of a continental extension-related magmatism: the Choletais Ordovician bimodal series (Vendée Massif)

Revue n° 2

Michel Cuney et Albert Autran
General aims of the G.P.F Échassières project. Main results of the 900 m borehole through the Beauvoir albite-topaz-lepidolite granite.
J. L. Vigneresse
Three-dimensions organisation of the Echassieres granitic complex and synthesis of the surface geophysical measurements
Jean-Louis Feybesse et Monique Tegyey
Dévonian and carboniferous tectonometamorphic evolution of the Sioule unit
Cl. Audren, J.L. Feybesse, M. Tegyey, Cl. Triboulet
Relations between deformation and crystallization and Pressure - Temperature - Time - Deformation paths of the Echassières polyphase micaschists. A model of geodynamic evolution
Claude Gagny, Thierry Jacquot
Contribution of structural petrology to the knowledge of the emplacement conditions and complex structuration of the Colettes granite (Echassieres Massif, French central Massif)