La revue


Revue n° 3

M. Demange, H. lssard et M. Perrin
Relations between the axial zone of Montagne Noire and the nappes of the southern side to the southwest of the massif (Minervois and Cabardès-Aude, Hérault).
Jean-François Becq-Giraudon
The Stephanian of the northern edge of the Rodez « strait » (Aveyron) and its relations with the Autunian
J. Guérangé-Lozes, C.Alsac
The Variscan nappes of the crystalline Albigeois. Lithostratigraphy, volcanism and deformations
Jean-François Becq-Giraudon et Gérard Gonzalez
Maturation of organic matter in the Stephanian basin of Graissesac (Hérault): link between structure and metamorphism in coals; regional implications