La revue


Revue n° 2

Jean-Louis Ducreux et Michel Gaillard
The middle Cenomanian lignite of Saint-Laurent-de-Carnols (Gard). Palynological and sedimentological data. Palaeoecological implications.
Bernard Marandat
Discovery of a micromammal fauna of upper Cuisian age in the Agel marl- limestone at Azillanet (Minervois, Hérault)
Marc Calvet
The stratigraphy of Neogene in Roussillon and the problem of detrital border series. Trying to drew the state of things

Revue n° 3

Jean-Pierre Burg, Claude Delor, André Leyreloup
The Lévézou massif and the adjacent series of eastern Rouergue. New petrographic and structural data.
Michel Demange, Philippe Jamet
The Mazamet-Tantajo (Montagne Noire) major accident: late Hercynian strike-slip fault and Pyrenean reverse fault
M. Demange, H. lssard et M. Perrin
Relations between the axial zone of Montagne Noire and the nappes of the southern side to the southwest of the massif (Minervois and Cabardès-Aude, Hérault).
Jean-François Becq-Giraudon
The Stephanian of the northern edge of the Rodez « strait » (Aveyron) and its relations with the Autunian
J. Guérangé-Lozes, C.Alsac
The Variscan nappes of the crystalline Albigeois. Lithostratigraphy, volcanism and deformations
Jean-François Becq-Giraudon et Gérard Gonzalez
Maturation of organic matter in the Stephanian basin of Graissesac (Hérault): link between structure and metamorphism in coals; regional implications