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Mechanics of Variscan Orogeny: a modern view on orogenic research
Scientific Programme
Mechanics of Variscan Orogeny: a modern view on orogenic research
Mechanics of Variscan Orogeny: a modern view on orogenic research


Revue n° 1

J.L. Mansy, F. Lacquement
Regional geological setting - the Palaeozoic deposits of the Ardennes (Northern France and southern Belgium)
F. Lacquement, J.L. Mansy, F. Meilliez, B. Van Vliet Lanoë
The 1:50,000-scale geological map of Givet - 2nd edition
A. Blieck, D. Brice, P. Courville, C. Cronier, C. Derycke, B. Hubert, B. Mistiaen, J.P. Nicollin, M. Zapalski
Life in western Ardenne in Late Palaeozoic time (Devonian-Carboniferous, - 416 to - 299 My) : palaeobiodiversity, palaeobiological events, palaeoenvironments, palaeobiogeography
F. Meilliez
The Ardennes EoDevonian unconformity: stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental characterization of the Fépin Formation and its consequences
E. Goemaere, S. Geeninckx, Y. Vanbrabant
Sections of Tihange and Huy: paleoenvironmental study of the Marteau and Bois d'Ausse Formations (Lower Devonian) at the northern border of the Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium
V. Dumoulin, M. Coen, S. Blockmans
Reference sections and beyond... geological mapping. The case of the Couvin Formation and its lateral transition into the Jemelle Formation
A. Préat
The French-Belgian Givetian deposits: the sedimentation driving force-eustatism vs subsidence?
F. Boulvain
Frasnian atolls and reefs from the Dinant Synclinorium (Belgium, France): sedimentology and palaeoceanography
F. Guillot, S. Lasalle, J.F. Deconinck, P. Pellenard, O. Averbuch, J.L. Paquette, A. Herbosch, X. Devleeschouwer
Zircon typology of Frasnian bentonites prior to U-Pb dating
F. Lacquement, F. Meilliez
Major synsedimentary faults in outcrop: example of the Vireux Fault
F. Meilliez, F. Lacquement
The Ardennes EoDevonian unconformity: structure of the Fépin site and consequences on geodynamic interpretations of the Ardennes
F. Lacquement, J.L. Mansy
Mechanisms of folding and disharmony: the case of the Ardennes Allochton
O. Averbuch, F. Lacquement, J.L. Mansy, R. Szaniawski, M. Lewandowski
Deformation along the northern front of the variscan belt: example of the French-Belgium Ardennes in the Givet area
B. Mingueli, J.L. Mansy, F. Hanot, M. Everaerts, F. Lacquement, O. Averbuch
Synthesis of borehole and gravimetric data between Avesnois and the meridian of Lens: preliminary results
F. Quesnel, J. Yans, C. Dupuis, R. Wyns, H. Théveniaut, A. Demoulin
Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleoalteration in the Ardennes and the surrounding area. Characterisation dating and geometric reconstruction of the associated paleosurfaces and analysis of their successive deformation
B. Van Vliet Lanoë, F. Lacquement, L. Voisin, J.L. Mansy, F. Meilliez
The Meuse river, recording recent tectonic evolution of the Variscan front
P. Marteau, W. Perceval
Geology and development in the Ardennes: ground movement and former industrial sites
P. Marteau, W. Perceval
Geology and development in the Ardennes: ground movement and former industrial sites
D. Pacyna
Collection, diffusion and utilisation of geological data in the Wallonia area Geological map and related themes
J.P. Penisson
The history of Man. Man and his use of stone in the Ardennes from Paleolithic to end Neolithic times
J.N. Hatrival
Natural mineral resources in the Paleozoic massif in the Ardennes: exploitation of massive rock
F. Hanot
Hydrogeology - Flooding of the Meuse
X. Devlesschouwer, E. Goemaere, C. Mullard
Abandoned underground slate and coticule workings at Vielsalm and Bertric (Luxembourg, Belgium): development of a GIS management tool


Revue n° 1

Y. Hamon, G. Merzeraud
New data on the Triassic Deposits of Sologne (Chémery, Southwest Paris Basin): stratigraphy and depositional environments
C. Montenat,P. Barrier,C. Hibsch
Recording of “pyrenean-provençal” events in the southern subalpine domain (Baronnies, France). Eocene continental sedimentation and tectonism
B. Bourgueil
Evolution of the Flandrian transgression and the Charente coastline since 8,500 years BP


Revue n° 1

F. Trautmann, P. Martin, Y. Gros
Neotectonic observations in Pliocene sand and Pleistocene gravel of the Rennes basin – Chartres-de-Bretagne