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Revue n° 1

Stéphane Cordier, Dominique Harmand
The terrace system of the Moselle river between France, Germany and Luxembourg: first results for a global correlation
Thierry de Putter, Johan Yans
Weathering mechanisms in the Belgian Ardenne Massif
Frédéric Lacquement, Franck Hanot, Jean-Louis Mansy, David Rolin, Olivier Averbuch, Lazlo Csontos
Réactivation de structures varisques au Nord de la France
Day Excursion for 16 May 2003 (morning and afternoon). Excursion du 16 mai 2003
Day Excursion for 17 May 2003. Excursion du 17 mai 2003

Revue n° 2

C. Delor, D. Lahondère, E. Egal, J.M. Lafon, A. Cocherie, C. Guerrot, P. Rossi, C. Truffert, H. Théveniaut, D. Phillips, V.G. de Avelar
Transamazonian crustal growth and reworking as revealed by the 1:500,000-scale geological map of French Guiana (2nd edition)
H. Théveniaut, C. Delor
Paleomagnetism of the Guiana Shield: current knowledge and critical analysis of the data
V.G. de Avelar, J.M. Lafon, C. Delor, C. Guerrot, D. Lahondère
Archean crustal remnants in the easternmost part of the Guiana Shield: Pb-Pb and Sm-Nd geochronological evidence for Mesoarchean versus Neoarchean signatures
L.T. Rosa-Costa, P.S.F. Ricci, J.M. Lafon, M.L. Vasquez, J.M.A. Carvalho, E.L. Klein, E.M.B. Macambira
Geology and geochronology of Archean and Paleoproterozoic domains of southwestern Amapá and northwestern Pará, Brazil, southeastern Guiana shield
N.J. Reis, L.M. Fraga, M.S.G. de Faria, M.E. Almeida
Geology of Roraima State, Brazil
M.E. Almeida, A.L. Ferreira, S. da S. Pinheiro
Granitic association of the western state of Roraima, Parima domain, Guiana shield, Brazil
E.W.F. de Roever, S.B. Kroonenberg, C. Delor, D. Phillips
The Käyser dolerite, a Mesoproterozoic alkaline dyke suite from Suriname
E.W.F. de Roever, J.M. Lafon, C. Delor, A. Cocherie, P. Rossi, C. Guerrot, A. Potrel
The Bakhuis ultrahigh-temperature granulite belt (Suriname): petrological and geochronological evidence for a counterclockwise P-T path at 2.07-2.05 Ga
C. Delor, E.W.F. de Roever, J.M. Lafon, D. Lahondère, P. Rossi, A. Cocherie, C. Guerrot, A. Potrel
The Bakhuis ultrahigh-temperature granulite belt: implications for late Transamazonian crustal stretching in a revised Guiana Shield framework
E.L. Klein, L.T. da Rosa-Costa
Geology of quartz-vein gold deposits in the Ipitinga Auriferous District, northern Brazil, southeastern Guiana Shield
L.V. de Melo, R.N. Villas, J.W. Soares, M.T.L. Faraco
Geological setting and mineralizing fluids of the Amapari gold deposit, Amapá state, Brazil
J.P. Milesi, C. Lerouge, C. Delor, P. Ledru, M. Billa, A. Cocherie, E. Egal, A.M. Fouillac, D. Lahondère, J.L. Lasserre, A. Marot, B. Martin-Jantin, P. Rossi, M. Tegyey, H. Théveniaut, D. Thiéblemont, O. Vanderhaeghe
Gold deposits (gold-bearing tourmalinites, gold-bearing conglomerates, and mesothermal lodes), markers of the geological evolution of French Guiana: geology, metallogeny, and stable-isotope constraints
M.A. Dardenne, C. Schobbenhaus
Metallogeny of the Guiana Shield


Revue n° 1

N. Arnaud, H. Leyrit, P. Nehlig, F. Binet, A. Jamet, W. Vannier
Lahars on the north-western flank of the Cantal stratovolcan
J.M. Montel, J. Bouloton, M. Veschambre, C. Pellier, K. Ceret
Stephanian ages of the Velay microgranites (French Massif Central)
J.P. Bellot, G. Bronner, J. Marchand, C. Laverne, C. Triboulet
Thrust and normal faulting in the Western Maures (Var, SE France): a geometric, kinematic and thermobarometric study of the Cavalaire polyphased shear zone
M. Mattauer
The Oligocene Matelles normal fault (Languedoc). A delicate confrontation between a fashionable model and field observations
J.M. Stussi, A. Cheilletz, J.J. Royer, P. Chèvremont, G. Féraud
The hidden monzogranite of Soultz-sous-Forêts (Rhine Graben, France). Mineralogy, petrology and genesis
F. Trautmann, J.F. Becq-Giraudon, P. Chèvremont, C. Guerrot, D. Thiéblemont
Dating the Pertre Massif at 378 Ma: a Middle to Late Devonian peraluminous leucogranite in Central Brittany
H. Gauthier, P. Branger, P.Y. Boursicot, M. Trévisan, D. Marchand
The Orthogarantiana Bentz (Garantianinae, Stephanoceratidae, Ammonitina) fauna of the Polygyralis sub-zone (Niortense zone, Late Bajocian) recently discovered north of Niort (Deux-Sèvres, France). Proof for the Orthogarantiana / Strenoceras dimorphism

Revue n° 2

G. Guille, C. Legendre, R.C. Maury, M. Caroff, M. Munschy, S. Blais, C. Chauvel, J. Cotten, H. Guillou
The Marquesas archipelago (French Polynesia): an atypical intraoceanic linear chain
F. Schindelé, D. Reymond, H. Hébert, P. Heinrich
Geophysical hazards in the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia)
B. Déruelle, O. Figueroa A., J.L. Joron, M. Schilling D., C. Silva P., F. Hervé A., D. Demaiffe
Easter Island volcanism (Chile)
G. Guille
Chemical-analyses file for the Marquesas Islands

Revue n° 3

B. Courtinat, S. Piriou
Rhaetian palynomorphs in the Lodève Basin: stratigraphy and depositional environments
Y. Alméras, M. Bécaud
Transitional zones between paleobiogeographic provinces. Example of the Toarcian brachiopods from the southern border of the Armorican Massif (France)