La revue


Revue n° 2

G. Guille, C. Legendre, R.C. Maury, M. Caroff, M. Munschy, S. Blais, C. Chauvel, J. Cotten, H. Guillou
The Marquesas archipelago (French Polynesia): an atypical intraoceanic linear chain
F. Schindelé, D. Reymond, H. Hébert, P. Heinrich
Geophysical hazards in the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia)
B. Déruelle, O. Figueroa A., J.L. Joron, M. Schilling D., C. Silva P., F. Hervé A., D. Demaiffe
Easter Island volcanism (Chile)
G. Guille
Chemical-analyses file for the Marquesas Islands

Revue n° 3

B. Courtinat, S. Piriou
Rhaetian palynomorphs in the Lodève Basin: stratigraphy and depositional environments
Y. Alméras, M. Bécaud
Transitional zones between paleobiogeographic provinces. Example of the Toarcian brachiopods from the southern border of the Armorican Massif (France)
C. Bonnot-Courtois, C. Augris, M. Blanchard, E. Houlgatte
Distribution of coastal sediments between cap Fréhel and Saint-Malo (Côtes d’Armor - Ille-et-Villaine Depts, France)
J.B. Edel, H. Lutz, P. Elsass
The Variscan basement and the Rhenish tectonism in the southern Upper Rhine graben; processing and interpretation of the gravity map derived from MDPA high-density measurements
Commentaires de P. Bernier à la note de R. ENAY et réponse de R. ENAY
An unpublished Early Kimmeridgian ammonite fauna near Molinges (Jura) and the Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian boundary in the western part of the Southern Jura Mountains, Géol. de la France, n° 4, 2000, p. 3-19

Revue n° 4

M. Schuler, G. Farjanel, F. Geissert, P. Rossi, M. Ferrandini, J. Ferrandini
Palynology, biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the Late Oligocene conglomeratic formation at Vazzio (Corsica)
J.P. Aguilar, J.Y. Crochet, O. Hebrard, P. Le Strat, J. Michaux, S. Pedra, B. Sigé
The micromammals of Mas Rambault 2, a Late Pliocene karstic filling of southern France: age, paleoclimate, geodynamics
G. Nicoud, G. Royer, J.C. Corbin, F. Lemeille, A. Paillet
Glacial erosion and infelling of the Isère valley during the recent Quaternary. New results from borehole GMB1 in the Grenoble area (France)
G. Fronteau, A. Pascal, V. Barbin
Characterization of Courville Stone (Lutetian, Marne, France). Relations between diagenesis and petrophysical properties


Revue n° 1

M. Faure
Geology of the Vendée - Forewords
P. Rolin, M. Colchen
Structural map of the Vendée-Seuil in the Poitou-Limousin Variscan basement
D. Thiéblemont, C. Guerrot, J. Le Métour, P. Jézéquel
The Cholet-Thouars complex: a Middle Cambrian volcano-plutonic unit within the Mauges Precambrian terrane
G. Godard
The Les Essarts eclogite-bearing metamorphic Complex (Vendée, Southern Armorican Massif): Pre-Variscan terrains in the Hercynian belt?
M. Colchen, P. Rolin
The Hercynian belt in Vendée
P. Rolin, M. Colchen
Hercynian strike-slip faults in Vendée and the western Massif Central
M. Cuney, M. Brouand, J.M. Stussi
Hercynian magmatism in Vendée. Correlations with the Poitou basement western French Massif Central
M. Cuney, M. Brouand, J.M. Stussi, D. Virlogeux
The Charroux-Civray plutonic complex (Vienne): evidence of Lower Carboniferous magmatism in the western part of the European Variscan belt
J.M. Bertrand, J. Leterrier, M. Cuney, M. Brouand, J.M.Stussi, E. Delaperrière, D. Virlogeux
Zircon U-Pb geochronology of granitoids from Confolentais, the Charroux-Civray massif (seuil du Poitou) and Vendée


Revue n° 1

J.B. Edel
Hypothesis for the Late Variscan clockwise rotation of the Maures-Estérel-Corsica-Sardinia block. New paleomagnetic data from the Plan-de-la-Tour basin (Maures, Provence) and review of the previous data
R. Caby, C. Jacob
Mantle/crust transition in the Santa-Lucia-di-Mercurio nappe (Alpine Corsica): the roots of a Permian rift
B. Courtinat
Sedimentary organic matter in nearshore deposits. Example from the Ladinian hypersaline delta plain in the eastern margin of the Massif Central (France)
M. Meyer, C. Meister, R. Wernli
Stratigraphy of the Champfromier Lias (Ain)
P.Y. Collin, P. Courville
Paleoenvironments and biostratigraphy of a non-condensed Oxfordian reference succession (Saint-Blin-Sémilly, Haute-Marne)
N. Gourdon-Platel, J.P. Platel, J.G. Astruc
The Rouffignac Formation, evidence of an Eocene weathered profile with duricrust in the Périgord-Quercy region (SW France)

Revue n° 2

P. Thiry-Bastien, J. Thierry, P. Debourse, J.P. Vidier
Geometry and deposit profiles of the Ardennes platform during Late Bathonian-Early Callovian: stratigraphic constraints during the drowning of a carbonate shelf
H. Gauthier, M. Trévisan, J.L. Joron
The species Odontolkites longidens (Quenstedt) in Buckman (= longidoides n. sp.) and the genus Odontolkites Buckman (Garantianinae, Stephanoceratidae, Stephanocerataceae, Ammonoidea)